Welcome to the inagural issue of INSIDE Spinal Aid!
We hope this newsletter will give you an additional resource to know what's going on with Spinal Aid, as well as, what's to come. Enjoy and please feel free to email us with any ideas you have for future issues.


  • Appearance on National TV
  • Formation of Advisory Commission
  • New infomercial
  • New products & items
  • New summer advertising series
  • New tabloid
  • Final edited version of the new virtual doctor
  • New series of (HD) video testimonials
  • New classes
  • New manuals
  • New electronics records software
  • New corporate IT system
  • New fiber optic phone system
  • New cervical decompression unit
  • New extension machine
  • Cervical pain marketing program
  • New C.O.O.
  • National advertising campaign creation
  • National insurance contract negotiations
  • National public relations initiation

Spinal Aid to Appear On National TV
A National Television Network will be filming select Spinal Aid Centers and interviewing Dr. Liberti at the headquarters for a special feature presentation to be aired nationally. Filming is scheduled to commence this August.

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New Products and Items

Spinal Aid is pleased to announce the following new items/products that have been introduced at the April and June trainings:

  • The new Virtual Doctor final edited version
  • Another new series of patient testimonials filmed at various franchise locations
  • The Movie Workshop program with:
    • Movie Workshop on DVD
    • Movie Workshop DVD Home Version
    • Movie Workshop Ads
    • Movie Workshop Flyers
    • Movie Workshop Postcard Invitation
    • Movie Workshop Radio Commercials
    • Movie Workshop Fed-Ex Mailer Package
  • The new specialty sized Spinal Aid decompression brochure & POS display stand
  • Another New Tabloid Version
  • New Summer Ad Series
  • New Summer Flyers
  • Another new model Spinal Aid LSO Brace with Medicare Letter of Approval
  • The new tutorial class entitled “Moment Of Truth”
  • The new Grand Opening / Open House Program with:
    • 76 Item Program Checklist
    • Grand Opening Display Ads
    • Grand Opening Flyers
    • Grand Opening Postcard Invitation
    • Grand Opening Radio Commercials
    • RSVP Phone Script
  • A new Spinal Aid Home Study Course Programs Manual on DVD
  • A new manual for new franchises

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Electronics Records Software
Soon, you (all physicians) will be required to convert to an electronic records keeping system. Spinal Aid has already begun the process, teamed with experts and created a state of the art electronics records software for all physical medicine practitioners, with a special proprietary version for Spinal Aid. It will include the criteria & protocol for all areas of; billing, coding, documentation, medical necessity, National Committee of Quality Assurance Guidelines and is designed for physical medicine, chiropractic, decompression, rehab, core strengthening. It is within 90 days of it’s release date.

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A Complete Video Franchise Quality Assurance Programs Manual
We have begun the process of creating a DVD tutorial for each course chapter in a home study workshop format with checklists. Each franchise staff member will be able to navigate these home study courses. It has been designed so that staff members can take one course at a time, complete each course chapter workshop material, take a test of the chapter material and submit for review and grade by our Quality Control division.

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National Advertising in the Works
As soon as we reach 300 franchises, we become a “Master franchise” and will be able to launch national advertising and public relations campaigns. Spinal Aid plans to advertise in USA Today - weekend edition. This will mark the largest co-operative of united chiropractors ever to advertise nationally. This is just part of our commitment to you and what the future holds for a name brand medical health care “master” franchise.

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National Public Relations in the Works

Again, once we become a master franchise, Spinal Aid will engage a high profile national public relations firm to assist us to create a brand name for Spinal Aid to become recognized as the health care providers to trust for chronic back pain, when you don’t know where to turn.

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Nationwide Insurance Contracts for Spinal Aid in
the Works

Again, once we become a “Master franchise”, Spinal Aid will be able to negotiate contracts with nationwide insurance companies to deliver decompression/core strengthening. We are in process of early negotiations and have a strong probability of being able to obtain such contracts at very reasonable case fees. Franchisees will be instructed in the protocol and will have to subscribe to our Policies & Procedures Manual and our Compliance Program as well as conduct chart audits.

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Spinal Aid's NEW “Healthy Spine Decompression Program”
We have crated an innovative program for your decompression patients who want to maintain a healthy spine after discharge. Now they don’t have to go to a conventional gym. It’s also designed for seniors who want to exercise their spine in a private environment rather than a gym. It’s an innovative maintenance program which utilizes our extension machine as the core of the program, combined with other neuromuscular & therapeutic activities, the ATM2 and ancillary braces, orthotics and nutrition after discharge, to maintain a healthy spine.

Our new Healthy Spine Maintenance Program was specially designed for your decompression patients after they are discharged . We are currently producing a new series of Spinal Aid proprietary educational, promotional and merchandising material to inform your patients of this new program. After the decompression sessions are completed, patients, especially seniors, can now look forward to a new maintenance program to promote and maintain a healthy spine.

The Spinal Aid Healthy Spine Decompression Maintenance Program offers the most complete and versatile care packages for all. We are excited to introduce our full promotional, merchandising, advertising, marketing and educational campaigns to inform your patients of this new maintenance program. An educated patient is the most likely to make the right decisions regarding their care options and obtain the most favorable results. We look forward to our new educational intellectual property to thoroughly inform your patients about their maintenance options and to attract new patients.

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Z-Grav Cervical Decompression Unit

Spinal Aid is in production of our own proprietary cervical spinal decompression unit. This is a self stand-alone unit and therefore, does not have to be attached to your table. We designed it with its own decompression head unit so it can stand alone and allow you to treat multiple patients at one time rather than to tie up your lumbar table. We assure you, it is a very high quality and handsome unit with a very special price for Spinal Aid. You can expect to see it this August!

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Cervical Decompression Advertising/Marketing Campaigns
Already in production, Spinal Aid is producing an entire advertising campaign series for patients suffering with cervical problems. These campaigns will be available shortly.

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Z-Grav Spine Extension Machine

Spinal Aid is also in production of our own proprietary lumbar flexion/extension unit.

One of our goals is to bring you own our, high quality equipment, from our Z-Grav lumbar decompression table, now including our Z-Grav cervical decompression unti and our Z-Grav flexion/extension unit. One machine to do the work of two and it won’t require excessive square footage. One look, one quality that is affordable and state of the art. This should also be available this August.

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Three (3) New Spinal Aid Back Care Programs:

  1. For patients who can’t afford decompression

  2. For patients who aren’t a candidate for decompression

  3. For the SENIOR patient who wants to exercise their spine & back muscles to maintain a healthy spine AFTER decompression, without going to a standard gym.

Now you can present an option to those patients who:

  • can’t afford decompression
  • aren’t a candidate for decompression
  • want a “Healthy Spine” Maintenance Program

For those who can’t afford or aren’t a candidate for decompression, we have created a Healthy Spine maintenance program. The program also serves as a maintenance program for those who have completed decompression care.

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A Word About Our New C.O.O.
When Dr. Liberti and the board of directors appointed Lance as successor to run the day to day operations, it was a decision based on two forms of experience. The first experience gained came about as a result of three separate executive officer trials. Spinal Aid contracted an Executive Search Agency to fill the C.O.O. spot. After three different trials of experienced executives, none were able to expand or improve administrative functions.

Significant money was invested in the trials as; sign on bonuses, travel expenses, relocation costs, expense accounts, vehicle and housing allowances. Yet, none of the executives were able to improve the scene. Recognizing that Lance had been schooled in the WISE technology and voted among “Florida’s Brightest Students”, having been awarded academic scholarship and experienced working with Dr. Liberti since he was a child and given his intimate knowledge of the Hubbard technology, the health care industry, decompression and Spinal Aid, it was determined that Lance was the most suited to run the day to day operations. In a nutshell, you can only truly judge the effectiveness of any individual, group or organization by their stats. Under Lance’s guidance, Spinal Aid stats are at an all time high. Last month marked the highest number of new franchises in a month, reaching a mark of twenty, with equal predictions for June, July and August. A great job orchestrated by Lance. We feel that lance can outperform any executive and we would pit him against the best. We are lucky to have him and he will continue to be judged by his stats and contributions to the growth and stability of the franchise organization. We thank you of your support of our new C.O.O.

Lances Early Contributions as C.O.O
Thanks to an astute understanding of information technology (that often accompanies a youthful and insightful mind), incorporated into Lances vision and extreme love for Spinal Aid, he has made significant early C.O.O. contributions. Lance has been in negotiations to secure the following new items, products, systems and overall improvements which will all be available this summer:

  • Electronic Records Software (soon to be mandatory)
  • Spinal Aid proprietary Cervical Decompression Unit (stand alone)
  • Spinal Aid proprietary spinal extension machine
  • Spinal Aid proprietary LSO air bladder brace (new)
  • Total franchise corporate computer IT system redesign
  • Conversion from Call Center T line phone connection to fiber optic

Let’s not forget one of the most important contributions Lance is making lies in freeing up Dr. Liberti to pour the coals on innovative new marketing programs to bring you new patients and to secure future franchise growth, acceptance and recognition such as:

  • Establishing Spinal Aid with national name brand recognition
  • Establishing national insurance contracts
  • Establishing national public relations
  • Implementing advertising on a national basis
  • Safe pointing Spinal Aid among State Boards of Examiners
  • Safe pointing Spinal Aid among state Attorney Generals Associations

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Legal Eagle Issues

Whether it’s a matter of compliance, FTC, Franchise, Federal or Attorney General State Registration, or an attack from a disgruntled patient or employee of one of our franchises, we maintain an active liaison with our legal team. Lance is the Spinal Aid legal liaison and we retain the following group of attorneys of which we conduct relationships with on a daily on-going basis:

  1. Corporate
  2. Franchise
  3. Health Care
  4. Trademark/Copyright
  5. Patent
  6. Employment
  7. Litigation

The day to day operations also involves correspondence with different members of this legal team on a daily basis. FDA and FTC compliance issues remain at the forefront of our business operations and Lance has intimate knowledge and understanding of this entire legal gamut. It serves us all if you install a compliance program, our policies and procedures and audit your charts.

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New Building for Spinal Aid
Lance is now searching for a suitable building for purchase to house our expanded corporate headquarters, new training facilities, multimedia studio and company operated clinic.

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Innovation VS Old School Advertising
Let’s not forget that early decompression advertising was highly scrutinized, prompting investigations leading to criminal charges by the FBI. Two entities were found guilty of false and misleading advertising and accused of a nationwide scheme to bilk the elderly out of millions. You can find this research on the internet originating from the Attorney Generals Office in California, who initiated investigations which were subsequently turned over to the FBI, resulting in charges being filed against Axiom and Ben Altadonna.

Spinal Aid recognizes that advertising is “selling” and marketing is “attracting attention to yourself and making your product known”. We subscribe to marketing that is the ultimate in professionalism. Our mission is to assist each franchise to promote a favorable relationship with the members of their community and soon, to launch a professional nationwide campaign that will not come under attack by authorities. Spinal Aid is constantly producing fresh, new material to promote a favorable image and while we are innovative, we air on the side of conservatism and professionalism at all times.

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What Makes Spinal Aid the Leader in Decompression Marketing and Advertising?

The talented media staff and God given marketing skills of Dr. Frank, in association with owning and operating our own:

  • Marketing division
  • Multimedia studio
  • Physicians News Network
  • HCMC – Health care Media Consultants – Our own national media buying and placement service center

…has gained Spinal Aid industry wide recognition as the leader in professional, innovative marketing.

No one can deny that Spinal Aid features the ultimate decompression marketing in the industry. Perhaps that’s one reason why Spinal Aid maintains the lowest number of defaults in the industry. We make it all available to you at trainings where we have and will continue to introduce something new.

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Our New Infomercial

Upon the opening of a company operated decompression clinic in Tampa this summer, Spinal Aid will be filming its newest 30 minute medical news documentary which will feature ten patients before, during and after decompression therapy. The film production crew will follow these patients and film them at home, on the job and during recreational activities throughout their entire care process. The “before and after” format will be well received by viewers and serve as an excellent documentary and press release. It will be made available to all and posted on our internet web site.

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The Value Of Live Trainings
New products and items have been presented at every Spinal Aid training since its inception three years ago. We will continue to introduce new material at trainings for your benefit and to support growth. But nothing keeps a team together more than assembling together. It’s a comfort to know that there is a place you can go to learn new business and marketing concepts and enjoy a group of peers who share the same mission and have each others best interests at heart. One Team – One Heartbeat.

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What’s New For the Next Training

The first weekend of August marks an exciting training time for Spinal Aid. We hope to introduce our new cervical decompression unit and our new extension machine. You can also expect another new Tabloid, another new series of display ads and flyers, the introduction of the Healthy Spine Maintenance Program and accompanying merchandise with a special class on how to market the Healthy Spine Maintenance Program to patients and create a maintenance practice for your decompression patients.

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What Does Spinal Aid Do For You?
Spinal Aid is ranked the number two (#2) medical service franchise in the world according to Entrepreneur Magazine. This is a testament to our model and high status based on numerous items in the ranking process. Having been apprised of our product creation, in comparison to benefits given to other franchisees, Spinal Aid produces more output and more value in one month than many (most) of the other major franchises in a year.

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Master Class

There’s still time and room for two more at our next Master Class. Contact us directly or e-mail support@spinalaid.com to register now.

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We thank all of you who continue to support us and provide undying loyalty to our mission and our team. We have come together as a family with “ONE TEAM - ONE HEARTBEAT” as our theme. Our heart felt thank you to all who pride themselves on remaining united and squashing any attacks from any elements that threaten our strength, unity or existence. No matter what, we must stand together as one team and share one heartbeat.

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FREE T-Shirt Gift
It may only be a token gift, but in our hearts, to show our appreciation, we would like to present each franchise owner who supports this theme with our "One Team – One Heartbeat" T-Shirt. Please send us your size as an indicator that you support our theme and we’ll have your T-Shirt for you at the next training.

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New Advisory Commission Forming
Your Advice Is Warmly Welcome. In unison with our “One Team-One Heartbeat” theme, our new C.O.O. is establishing a team panel of advisors. Lance is extending an opportunity for franchise members to become part of an advisory team and encourages everyone with a bright idea to participate. Lance has established a special e-mail address ( teamideas@spinalaid.com ) for anyone who desires to share ideas or make comments. If your ideas are utilized, you will be given special commendation and full credit for the idea. After review of the ideas, those who submit the most useful and most accepted ideas will be invited to be a permanent member of the panel. The e-mail address is now open and we look forward to your contributions.


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